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Same problem here, with an not that old HP notebook. I have installed on it the Lubuntu 13.10 beside Windows7 and an old kernel from Linux-Mint. Now, I need to edit the grub every time I like to start the notebook, is there a method to fix this in the grub, so the grub keeps the options "noapic" and "acpi=off", I do not have any idea at the moment, just ...


Just to complete the solution: To disable the deep sleep in the X1's BIOS, reboot your X1 press F12 immediately after startup to enter BIOS press Tab to select "App Menu" press Enter to enter "Setup" press → to select the "Config" press ↓ until you get to "Power", then ENTER press ↓ until you get to "Intel (R) Rapid Start Technology" press Enter to ...

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