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It apears my problem must have been due to a faulty / dead FN key. A hardware issue that is. My 'solutoin': To swap ctrl and FN via the relevant bios option. Then I was without a left ctrl key. So I swapped left ctrl with caps lock. the xmapmod for this is availble via google, but for the sake of posterity the process is: First Backup your current ...


I did some investigation on this, if your did "sudo crontab -e" with rtcwake inside the table without sudo, you will get the error message: /home/leo/autojob: line 4: rtcwake: command not found it seems that although "sudo crontab -e" is executed under root account, it cannot find the right command path. There are some other post says you shall put PATH ...


Try to boot holding the shift key. choose recovery mode at prompt. Once in recovery, do an update Grub. once done, back to the main menu, ro Resume. It should boot. It happens to me to.

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