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Try running boot repair as a first step. Google for the official boot repair ubuntu page. Sorry I can't post a fancier answer, I am on a phone.


First of all, ndiswrapper is not required. Let's remove it: sudo apt-get purge ndiswrapper-common sudo rm -rf /etc/ndiswrapper Make sure that the needed driver is loaded: lsmod | grep b43 If not, let's load it: sudo modprobe b43 If it didn't load automatically, it is probably blacklisted somewhere; check: ls /etc/modprobe.d Once you post the ...


The partitioning tools for Ubuntu are not hardware dependen, they word the same on any drive. gparted will do the job. Please keep in mind, that you can not make changes to partitions that are in use (mounted). If you want to manage the partition you are running Ubuntu from, you have to boot from a Ubuntu live CD / DVD / USB drive. They usually include ...

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