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Sounds strage, did you try to log on to another provide aka. roaming? Because this might be the reason why you can't connect / get network. Why would you like to use EDGE network either?


Your .deb file must work. It is rare in your case that it does not works. In that sense, just use NetworkManager (nm) to connect your modem over mobile broad band which is the default. Eject the driver cd of your modem as soon as you plug in the modem from the terminal or DISKS. thats all your modem will be seen in the nm after 10s as new connection. ...


Hmm... the answer might depend a lot on the modem type, all are "real" ;-) Here is a google search for "Fastrack" modem manuals, https://www.google.se/?gfe_rd=cr&safe=off#q=fastrack+modem+manual&safe=off If you look through them you eventually find "AT+CSQ" in there, The prepended "+" followed by "CSQ" is short for "Cellular, Signal Quality" (edit: ...

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