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You can use nmcli and cron to bringing up connection at specific time. First you create connection using Network-Manager. Then start terminal to test some things list all NM connections: nmcli con start connection: nmcli con up id ConnectionName down connection: nmcli con down id ConnectionName If work, setup cron to trigger connection sudo crontab ...


After all kind of searching the web for solutions I found out that my carrier (Telekom Romania) is transmitting 3G over the network of another carrier that was bought by the company some time ago. It appears that their infrastructure is based on a kind of roaming between the 2G and 3G services and will only work on Ubuntu phones if you enable both 3G ...


As you can see, in the status bar, you must see 3G (Note that your wifi must be disconnect) Please, check if the tick 2G/3G (see red dot) is marked at System Settings > Mobile:


Can you report a bug about that on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network/+filebug ?


read from your syslog: the device seems to emulate a CD drive which delivers windows drivers. there are ttyACM devices. Did you try /dev/ttyACM1 and 2 instead of ttyUSB0?

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