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I'm posting this solution for people who wouldn't find a solution for this issue in the web as I couldn't find one. I had the same issue and solved it. I'm able to connect to the internet. But the method is not so simple. First you need to install sakis3g (search the web if you don't know the way) Although sakis3g is supposed to work it didn't work for me ...


Simply follow the following steps: Step 1: Plug the usb into your computer. Step 2: Wait 1 minute for the drivers to install. Step 3: Select the two arrow (one pointing up one down) on the taskbar at the top of the screen. Step 4: Select your internet connection. Step 5: Enter password. Step 6: Your now connected to the internet.


What you have is called a "multi-mode USB device": It's a modem and also a USB stick: and it usually has Windows and Mac drivers on-board! When plugged in on Windows or the Mac, it acts like a flash storage and starts installing the drivers from there. After installation (and on every consecutive plugging) the driver switches the mode internally... However, ...


Maybe this side helps you: http://linuxtricksandtips.blogspot.de/2010/12/how-to-use-alcatel-one-touch-x220l-3g.html I haven't tested the instructions given on that site but it looks right because the instructions are almost identical to the steps required to get an iPhone working as an 3g modem with ubuntu.

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