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Download the software and extract it to the desktop. Then open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T. Type sudo -s and enter your password. After that, type: cd /home/umar/Desktop/Huawei New Dialer - 6085 New Chipset/Huawei New Dialer - 6085 New Chipset/Linux bash install_linux The program gets installed.


Here's how i got it working on 12.04: I checked for any missing dependencies with ldd /opt/MTNL-3GModem/ModemClient and found libudev0:i386 to be missing. So the application is 32-bit and i have 64-bit Ubuntu. I also found that libudev0:i386 is no longer included with Ubuntu 13.04. I tried installing it with apt-get but got some errors. I finally downloaded ...

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