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It's likely that something this program requires that's available on 14.04 isn't available on 12.04. Most likely, that "something" is LSB compliance (Linux Standard Base) - first thing to try is running apt-get install lsb and seeing if that resolves things. This problem is discussed a few places with definitive word likely to be here: ...


Would it be possible to install a 64-bit OS instead, or is that not supported by your hardware? In Linux, 64-bit is "normal" and most programs are designed for 64-bit first.


you can simply specify the architecture via -a in debuild: debuild -a i386 Although in most cases that won't work. pbuilder is a fantastic tool which provides you with a clean Ubuntu/Debian system inside you environment which you can specify the architecture of. man pbuilder has all the info you need you create your 32-bit archive. Here's a couple of ...

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