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You're getting this error because you are apparently running on a 32bit system and the Android emulator is designed to operate best in a 64 bit environment. The only real solution is to install a 64bit operating system. If your hardware doesn't support 64bit or you can't reinstall right now you can temporarily bypass the problem by passing -force-32bit ...


The only measure to prevent data loss is: Backup It is very easy to install/upgrade Ubuntu keeping your data safe and untouched but from what we hear here it is apparently also easy to accidentally do something wrong which for so many unfortunate people led to a data loss. Therefore whenever I plan to upgrade or install an OS I always do my regular backup ...


If you want to use different versions of wine, I recommend PlayOnLinux. With this you can, not only install 32 bit and 64 bit wine, but also different versions of wine. Install it with sudo apt-get install playonlinux or use Ubuntu Software Center.


I solved it by following these steps: My 64-bit wine configuration is located under the directory /home/username/.wine/ Add a 32-bit wine configuration: WINEPREFIX='/home/username/.wine32' WINEARCH='win32' wine 'wineboot' Add a alias in ~/.bashrc: alias wine32="WINEPREFIX='/home/username/.wine32'" Now you can use both 32-bit and 64-bit version of ...


Mint 17 64-bit still has this problem from ISOs put on USB drives via unetbootin. But the problem does not exist when the ISO was put on the USB drive via usb-creator-gtk.


Enter your BIOS setup utility and change the boot sequence so that the CD is the first entry in the list of boot devices. The Ubuntu minimal CD being very small (<40MB) and text only should be able to boot successfully, even on older systems where the graphical Ubuntu live DVD/USB does not boot successfully. There is no need to use a different Xubuntu CD, ...

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