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Short answer: No, a 32bit system can only execute 32bit binaries.


You can't install the 64-bit version on a 32-bit machine. It won't boot. If you did manage to install it, then the machine is 64-bit. However, as it's 8 years old, as you say, and a netbook, it will probably be quite slow, especially depending on how much RAM it has, and what graphics chipset it uses. If it's just slow due to the RAM, you may be able to use ...


Ubuntu's default desktop, Unity, is likely too much for your computer to handle. If you want to use an Ubuntu flavor that may perform better, I recommend Lubuntu. It has a more lightweight desktop that uses less resources. Hopefully you have upgraded the amount of RAM in your Latitude; a quick search shows that it came with 128MB, which is too low, even for ...


Just creating a wine32 prefix/directory (without wine64 prefix/directory) will not work. As was suggested above (but not fully written out) - and if you want to avoid the need to use winecfg (which is annyoing in automation - you need to somehow close it), here is the full solution: create a wine64, then a wine32 directory. If you use winetricks to check it ...


you should think of 32 vs. 64 bit as if 64 Bus (mistakenly talking about processor) is like a truck that is as twice as wide than a normal truck (for 32 bit) , sure the 64 carries more cargo (data) on one trip than the normal 32 bit, so it is better if you use 64 bit OS to better benefit from hardware, the issue you mentioned is related to the way the apps ...


You have a processor that is capable of 64-bit, so go ahead and use a 64-bit version of Ubuntu. You stated elsewhere that your PC has a "Pentium Duo Core" chip. Intel has never released a dual core chip called "Pentium" that doesn't support 64-bit apart from the "Yonah", a re-branded version of the Pentium M that is for laptops.


answer for question: 1- if i were you i would go for 14.04.1 because it is more stable and the update have less probability to cause your system to be unstable, also the more old is the system( especially LTS like 14.04) , the more stable it is, the more you can find answers for questions you may have in the future 2- if you decided to wipe your disk and ...

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