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you can use Grub Customizer on the "List configuration" tab, move lubuntu to the top, and on the "General setting" tab, insert 0 Second in "Boot default entry after" option


Can you open a terminal: CTRL+ALT+T then type: sudo apt-get update any errors will show up there, and it tries to give you ideas as to how you might fix them as well. Chris


Every 8th day you are getting that Red warning triangle: Possible reason for that is you might have set Update Manager to check for updates Weekly. Though it will not update automatically (Your Auto-Updates are off), it will definitely check and notify you if any updates are available. Though your system shows up-to-date status and still you are getting the ...


Often, the battery statistics come from a combination of the battery model info read by either the Bios or possibly the operating system and the measured duration of the battery. I don't believe the battery model info is read every time but the metering system will need a calibration run for it to properly guess at the duration time of the replacement ...

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