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I followed these instruction and my menu bar is back:


[][1] Solución al problema de uso de titulos animados con Openshot y Blender Si usted esta aburrido, o cansado que no puede utilizar todos los títulos animados de Openshot por un problema con Blender, la solución es mas fácil de lo que parece. Fedora, openSuse, Arch ...


First: sudo apt-get install alltray Then: alltray geary You may allso add this command to the list of apps loaded at startup.


This is what worked for me: remove the ~./nbi directory. 1) open terminal 2) rm -r ~/.nbi Hope it helps.


The file-system is owned by the root, as indicated by ls -ld for your mount WDPassport2T and the permission string drwxr-xr-x shows the owner root has the RW permissions while, the members of group root along with the world/others will only have R-permission.

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