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RE: Tablet not showing up in input devices Hi....Information from on Post #13 as : Download as : Then I follow is work. But.. I Use Windows 10 my Gimp 2.6.9 Follow Below : All, I know this is a bit outdated (the last post was in October), but I've ...


for Lubuntu hit: 1 right click on panel 2 add to panel 3 task bar (windows list) for permanent view of all the open windows in the active taskbar/workspace..


I landed how to check this. I followed these instructions and my downloaded image seems to pass, but the tool won't work with it. I believe the Startup Disk Creator has a problem, so I am going to use another see if it works. Here are the commands: gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys "8439 38DF 228D 22F7 B374 2BC0 D94A A3F0 EFE2 1092" ...


The answer listed here finally worked for me after trying several other solutions, none of which worked (Eclipse Mars 4.5.2, Ubuntu 14.04.3). I did have to edit one additional file though (gtk-main.css). If you run the "Ambiance" theme (default theme, dark), open these files and change all "bg" tooltip colors to #ffffff (white) and all "fg" tooltip colors ...

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