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This could be because both 10.10 (or 11.04 - not sure which it actually is via your question having both tags) are EOL (End Of Life). From that page: When an Ubuntu release reaches its “end of life” it receives no further maintenance updates, including critical security upgrades. thus explaining your lack of updates. You need to upgrade to a ...


The cause was indeed a specific add-on. In my case it was an add-on called MEGA which supported downloads from the MEGA cloud drive service. I suspect the reason is the change of the URL.


IronAHK and AutoHotkey (Wine) works on Ubuntu, although they will only capture hotkeys and forms under .NET (IronAHK) or Wine Applications (AutohotKey). I've teste AutoKey and it is great, but unfortunately it doesn't handle mouse events very well. IronAHK is not being developed anymore, so you will have to build from source using monodevelop. I found some ...

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