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I read elsewhere that Ubuntu is no longer using xmodmap. It's using xkb instead. There's some info on that in this post: Permanent xmodmap in Ubuntu 13.04 However, I'm still using 12.04LTS, and I wanted to swap my Esc and grave keys. I did it with xmodmap and it worked. I created a small script that runs xmodmap and I have that script run when I login. ...


i've just fixed the issue by changing in the property disply modi to 1920x1080 60Hz. it was 59Hz. this solved my problem, without doing with the registry.

0 Following is what worked for me on 16.04 Your aim You want to use Linux and OpenSSH to automate your tasks. Therefore you need an automatic login from host A / user a to Host B / user b. You don't want to enter any passwords, because you want to call ssh from a within a shell script. How to do it ...


Thanks @zwets your answer is the correct one. I'm just posting a screenshot of the preferences menu, in case it helps someone. Lingot's configuration is set as follows: Audio system set to Alsa Audio device set to pulse You can see in the main Lingot window that my guitar is playing the E string.


Click System-> Administration-> Software Sources, Updates tab, and uncheck the Check for updates box. Go to terminal -> type sudo apt-get update-> enter -> type sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -> enter Upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04

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