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You wiped OSX, that is the problem. Send it to a Apple Store, since it is the only legal option.


You can use a python command line program youtube-dl 1.To install program youtube-dl type the following commands in your terminal $ sudo apt-get install python-pip $ sudo pip install --upgrade youtube_dl 2. To download youtube videos from terminal use $youtube-dl <video_url> 3.To see different quality and formats available use option -F ...


Same happened to me on with firefox 40.0 The whole window was grey after startup, even in safe mode, all the time. The only thing which helped was pressing the (non-visible) reset and OK button after starting firefox in safe mode.


Better not copy files to the fallback directory. Instead, either specify the parameter in command line, or add the following to my.ini / my.cnf: [mysqld] lc_messages_dir = /usr/local/mysql/share More details here

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