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Fifth LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, code-named "Trusty Tahr". Released on 17th April, 2014. Will go End Of Life (EOL) April 2019. Only use this tag if your question is version-specific.
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Fourth LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, code-named Precise Pangolin. Released on 26th April, 2012. Will go End Of Life (EOL) April 2017. Only use this tag if your question is version-specifi…
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Questions about the bootup process in Ubuntu. Use this tag if you have trouble booting Ubuntu or you have questions about the bootup process.
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Managing and using network connectivity on a Ubuntu system
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Questions about using the command-line interface (CLI).
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For questions regarding the installation of two or more operating systems on a single computer.
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For questions related to modules, the ones that control and orchestrate how the kernel should communicate with the hardware
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For questions regarding the Unity desktop environment, including configuring Unity and using it.
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Questions about using Wireless connections in Ubuntu. This tag is not limited to Wifi only.
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Questions related to Ubuntu Server, and server-related packages.
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**DO NOT USE THIS TAG**. Use either [tag:system-installation] (for system installs) or [tag:software-installation] (for installing software on a running system). Questions about installing Ubuntu, or …
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Advanced Packaging Tool, the package manager for Debian-based distributions. It is also the most used tool for installing packages in Ubuntu. Questions about using any of the apt tools should use this…
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the next generation of the GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB). Ubuntu has used GRUB2 as the boot loader since 9.10 (Karmic Koala). Commonly referred to as simply "GRUB".
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the act of dividing a hard disk drive into multiple logical storage units referred to as 'partitions'
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Questions related to the Nvidia graphics and motherboard chipsets and the related drivers.
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GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) is a collection of GTK-base software that provides the desktop environment GNOME-Shell. This is a very general tag that should only be used for questions r…
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Codenamed "Oneiric Ocelot", this version was released on Oct 13, 2011 and is no longer supported since May 9, 2013. Questions about unsupported versions are likely to be closed as off-topic.
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Questions about installing Ubuntu in any supported architecture. Post-installation questions should not be under this tag.
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an acronym for Universal Serial Bus. The current USB standard is USB 3.0, which supports transfer speeds of up to 625MB/s. USB devices are plug-and-play.
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Questions about upgrading packages, systems or hardware.
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Questions about the management of packages, in particular the `dpkg` system.
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the shell used in Ubuntu's command-line interface.
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Questions about sound issues with Ubuntu spanning from sound cards, microphones and speakers/headset to the transfer of audio signals via audio port, bluetooth and HDMI.
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Installing software on a running system, either as binaries or from source.
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Sixth LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, code-named "Xenial Xerus". Released on 21st April, 2016. Will go End Of Life (EOL) April 2021. Only use this tag if your question is version-specific. …
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no longer supported since May 16, 2014. Code-named Quantal was released on October 18, 2012.
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for questions concerning Ubuntu's kernel, including compiling and questions relating to modules
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Codenamed "Raring Ringtail", this version was released on Apr 25, 2013 and is no longer supported since Jan 27, 2014. Questions about unsupported versions are likely to be closed as off-topic.
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a very general tag. If you have a tag that's more specific (e.g. the package name that your question is about) please use that one.
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Questions about mounting filesystems. (Examples include a CD, a DVD, an external hard drive and a USB thumbdrive.)
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Short for "file system permissions" - access control based on user, group, or global access.
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Microsoft's Windows operating system(s). Questions with this tag should relate to Ubuntu to be on-topic for this site. If your issue is with a specific version of Windows, please check windows-8, wind…
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Questions related to graphics, in particular getting graphics cards to work. Please tag your exact graphics card version as well if you know what it is.
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series of instructions written in plain text file. The script interpreter (i.e. shell, Python, Ruby, etc.) can read this file and act on the instructions as if they were typed at the command…
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a platform-independent open-source virtualization software available for Linux, OS X, Solaris and Windows hosts. Guest additions need to be installed to automatically adjust the guest sc…
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a community developed, Ubuntu-based (Ubuntu with XFCE desktop environment) GNU/Linux operating system.