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I'm trying to setup an IP wireless camera and I have the IP address, it's but when I put this address in Chromium it doesn't even load...

Same thing when using windows 7 [dual boot].


Hope you can help me.

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Well since the same thing happens when using Windows I don't think this is an Ubuntu problem. That said, can you ping the camera? (open either a terminal or a command line prompt thing on Windows and type ping If you can't even ping the camera then something else is amiss. For things to work I guess your computer's IP has to be 192.168.1.*. It would help if you could detail how you configured the camera, as well as your computer's network configuration (IP address, netmask, gateway). –  roadmr Jan 30 '12 at 20:51
No, I can't ping the camera... and I have just unpacked it, so it has only factory settings... I only know that it's IP address is that. My laptop IP address: Netmask: and gateway is; Maybe is something wrong with my network device? I've installed Ubuntu in my laptop hoping to find the correct drivers to my network card but it's the same as using Windows. Thanks for your time and attention! –  Diegov Jan 30 '12 at 21:24
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