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Remote Desktop Client comes already installed in Ubuntu 11.10 (named as vinagre). It's a nice and one stop application for accessing remote machines using SSH, VNC, RDP (typically to windows machines).

However, I am not able to see any option for saving the names for the connections. Everytime, I have to provide the machine name, username, password etc. details ? Is there any add-on to enable saving the details of a connection ?

For now, I have installed "remmina" (sudo apt-get install remmina) client, which has all these facilities. However, I am wondering why such trivial facility is not there in vinagre Remote Desktop ?

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To ease a connection to a remote desktop we can always create a bash script like e.g.


vncviewer -via user@host localhost:0

Save a script for any given user and host to have quick and easy access to all your connections by simply invoking this script in a terminal. For security reasons we need to give in our password on the remote host.

To further ease the SSH connection we can also define sessions in ~/.ssh/config/ where we can give many parameters according to the manpage for the ssh_config.

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