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When I am trying to install Apache Apollo on Ubuntu, it is not getting installed. It is showing apollo: command not found Permissions to the apollo file are 777. JAVA_HOME is also properly set. Can anybody help me out? I have followed Official installation guide properly. Can you please help me out?

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Do you need to add /var/lib/mybroker/bin/ to the PATH? – user8290 Jan 30 '12 at 23:39
@Christopher : Thanks for the comment. According to my knowledge, firstly I need to create the broker 'mybroker' using command 'apollo create broker mybroker'. This command will create mybroker folder i.e. /var/lib/mybroker folder. When I run this command, I get error 'apollo : command not found'. – Saurabh Jan 31 '12 at 4:36
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I followed the APOLLA documentation (linked in above question) blindly. i.e. I was trying to create broker using

cd /var/lib
${APOLLO_HOME}/bin/apollo create mybroker 

but 'apollo' is sh file. Hence it should be run using 'sh'. When I tried 'sh apollo create mybroker', it worked.

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