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I have seen several apps that cost an amount in Software Center to adquire them. So I have some questions:

  1. How does one pay for this apps?
  2. What currency is supported?
  3. What methods of payments are supported?
  4. How does the system know I am the one that paid for a app if I format the PC. Is there a way to store the app I bought?
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If you pay for the app, it's handled through your Ubuntu Single Sign-on account. You have a username and password (which can be the same as Launchpad).

I don't know what payment options are available, since I've only downloaded free apps that use that system. Upon payment, you get what amounts to a special PPA with the program.

There's a menu item that will let you restore previously-purchased items. I think it just adds the PPA and installs the package.

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