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I am following the advice located at this link to manually change the playcounts in Banshee by altering the database: Manually set track listen count in Banshee?

But it is too time consuming to individually change the play counts for every track in a playlist. Can someone give me the line of code I need to update every track with a given value (ex. year=85) to a certain play count number (ex. play count= 5).

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Accept the answer if it works – Tachyons Apr 5 '12 at 13:11


Once you have sqlitebrowser installed and connected (see Manually set track listen count in Banshee?), go over to the 'Execute SQL' tab and run something like:

UPDATE coretracks SET playcount = [__] WHERE [field] = [value] AND [field2] LIKE [value2];


UPDATE coretracks SET playcount = 10 WHERE title LIKE '%Bach%';

You can get a list of the fields that are available by clicking the + next to 'CoreTrack' on the 'Database Structure' tab.

If you are not familiar with the SQL language, the above statement is saying: update make a change coretracks to the table named CoreTracks. Change each row where title has a value that contains Bach. The change to make is to change the playcount field to a value of 10. If you have something specific in mind, I'd be happy to help with the SQL. Put a comment below.

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Here's my solution:

Step 1: MP3's have a "BPM" tag that I find virtually useless (who's in the mood for songs at 117 BPM only?) Anywho, in iTunes/Rhythmbox/whatever you're importing from, sort your songs by play count, select all that have play count X, and change the BPM to X. Rinse and repeat.

Step 2: Use SQLite Library Browser (as above), but this time, in the "Execute SQL" tab, type

UPDATE coretracks SET playcount='1' WHERE BPM='1'

Again, simply rinse and repeat.

I recently did this for my 15,000 song library. Step 1 took about 30 minutes, but Step 2 took about 30 seconds. Enjoy!

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