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Possible Duplicate:
How do I change the guest session defaults

I am using 11.10 with single user, sometime when someone wants my system i can't deny so i have to give them my pc along user account password .

I was willing if i give them my guest account but when i open guest account and discover that there is something i wish to change . i want 2 hide some of application from guest user . if needed i set password for guest user . i want some customization on privileged of guest account ?

is that Possible ?

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Data for guest accounts are stored in the temporary folder, so they are lost on reboot.

If you are happy to have a password for the account, may I suggest you create a brand new account? Customise that account as you need.

To hide an application is a bit more tricky. Obviously, you can remove it from the guest account's menu, but a determined person could find it anyway. You can use sudoers to prevent that account from running the application, but -- again -- a determined person may well find it anyway.

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