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just realized that arch linux exchanged btrfs-progs-unstable (from 2010) with btrfs-progs (from 2012, presumably stable, at least not unstable). I am aware that arch is normally very quick at upgrading. When is this (or kind of) package expected to arrive in official ubuntu repos?


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Next release if it gets packged before the freeze, and if they approve it. – Uri Herrera Jan 26 '12 at 10:51

btrfs-progs is called btrfs-tools in Ubuntu (or any Debian based distro).

You can follow this bug report on Launchpad to stay informed about the package's status.

From the bug report you can see there's already a packaged version in Debian unstable, so this needs to be merged (ie., someone needs to step up and do it, but I got no info whether that's planned for Precise or not).

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