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I had a partition (sda11) which Ubuntu 11.10 was installed on it.

I resized this partition from 34 GB to 150 GB.

Then I lost the GRUB menu.

I use the Boot-Repair application to fix it.

But now when I restart my PC, only Microsoft Windows XP will boot and the GRUB menu not shown.

I tried to use grub-install, grub-update, grub, Bootable MBR Repair Softwares, and ..., but nothing appened !

I try to install Ubuntu again on sda11, but the installer say : "Saving installed packages ..." 'til now !!

How can I repair GRUB and recover my Ubuntu ???

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If you used gparted to resize the partition, it should've given you a warning - something along the lines "if you move the start of the partition, it will become un-bootable, you will need to do this and this to fix it."

You need to boot from Ubuntu LiveCD and re-install GRUB using the following instructions

I would advice you against using third-party "boot repair" applications.

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check this other method… – Denja Feb 25 at 15:22

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