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I have ubuntu 11.10.

In my grub menu, I have following images:

linux 3.*

linux 2.*

linux 2.*

My linux 3.* image is broken (if I try to boot from first image, i.e. linux 3.*, I get my caps and scroll lights blinking, and nothing appears on my screen).

If I boot from my second image, everything works just fine. My update manager shows everything updated. My software sources are updated. How do I fix my grub loader.


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It sounds as if grub is working just fine (you can boot an older kernel) but that you are having a problem with the new kernel (rather then grub).

For this I would file a bug report against the new kernel, but you will need to provide the error message you are getting.

See -

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There is no error message I am getting...I just boot into it and nothing happens...even the recovery mode. – hrishikeshp19 Jan 26 '12 at 19:49

The problem can be in one of two places, the loader or the Linux kernel. Although, it's seems to be more likely to be a kernel problem, I seem to have solved the problem with the following:

sudo update grub

Or else, something to the order of the following (taken from Can no longer boot with rEFIt and Grub on early 2006 MacBook Pro) might help:

/usr/sbin/grub-install --force /dev/sda3

And there's always the grub manual.

The best,

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