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Are there guides/wikis on how to get started with Ubuntu TV app development? Are there existing apps out there, I have only seen YouTube.

I have some experience working with BOXEE apps and was wondering if its similar.

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According to the Ubuntu TV site (Contributor's page)

Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved with the ongoing development of Ubuntu TV, you’ll find yourself welcome and among friends who share a passion for classy entertainment experiences. For more general information on contributing to Ubuntu projects, visit the Ubuntu Wiki.

Code contributions to Ubuntu TV follow the same process as the Unity project. Learn more about the process

Communicating with other contributors

The Ubuntu TV team uses email and IRC to keep in touch, plan work and manage releases. Start with the team Launchpad page, where you can join our mailing list. There’s a fair amount of traffic, but it’s all signal! For real-time interaction, hop on to the #ubuntu-tv IRC channel on Freenode.

Take a look at the Ubuntu TV site (Contributor's page) for more details on this.

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