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I don't know how to use Password and Keys in Ubuntu 11.10 , what is the exactly use of this application , and how can we use this for encrypting files?

Please also explain about ssh keys and gpg keys?

I read help from application but its doesn't go in my mind what it is all about. I have found one interesting link here. It has helped me some but I still I have doubts.

Kindly make me understand in simple and short way .

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Although both use encryption, and although they might sound the same, they are otherwise unrelated.


When you encrypt with gpg, a set of keys is made in ~/.gpg to be used to encrypt and decrypt files / emails.

There is a public key you distribute to others, so they can verify your signatures and encrypt files for you, and a private key you keep, used for decrypting files sent to you.

See :


SSH keys are used to log into ssh servers (rather then passwords). Again there is a public key (you put on the server) and a private key (you keep).

See :

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thanks this will help me a lot – twister_void Jan 26 '12 at 10:49

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