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I need to run an applet that requires java 1.5.

It does not matter if I should uninstall java 6. Even doesn't matter if it applies for firefox or chrome.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04

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You don't need to downgrade your Java. Java 6 can run Java 5 (or 1.5) applet. You just need to install the plug-in for your browser.

It depends on which flavour of Java you're using:

  • if using openjdk, install icedtea6-plugin
  • if using sun-java6, install sun-java6-plugin

Both packages are installable via Synaptics or the command line using apt-get.

If you're using the Ubuntu Software Centre look for respectively:

  • Icedtea Java Plugin
  • Sun Java 6.0 Plugin
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