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I can't really find a great disk analyzing software for Ubuntu.

The default apps in Ubuntu, Baobab (and df -h) do work, but there are no advanced features.

What I am looking for is like glary utilities disk analysis, to search for those file that take too much disk space.

glary utilities disk analysis

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Can you explain what the advanced features are? Not everybody knows the glary utilities disk analysis. And how do you decide, that a file takes too much space? A video is such as big as it is - how can a software decide: it is too big? – user unknown Jan 25 '12 at 12:18
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Two easy options, both available in the Software Center:


gdmap screenshot


filelight screenshot

If neither of these meet your needs,edit your question with the specific features you want. That helps us understand your question better.

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I've just installed k4dirstat. (It's almost identical to WinDirStat, if you're familiar with that Windows program. I believe Windirstat is based on kdirstat.)

The feature that I find most useful - and which is missing from a lot of disk usage software - is that you can delete files from within the program, saving the hassle of switching back and forth between nautilus or a terminal and the disk usage program to clean up files.

If you're using Ubuntu 11.10 you can't install k4dirstat from the Software Centre, but you can install a backport - see this thread: Can I install kdirstat...

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