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I am running Ubuntu 10.04. I installed Xubuntu but I'm using the Gnome desktop. Recently my desktop started changing, downloading random pictures from somewhere. I don't remember installing an application to do this, but I must have. Unfortunately I don't remember what its name is.

Does this behavior ring any bells? Alternatively, what can I do to identify which application is doing this? (There isn't anything unusual in my Startup Applications.)

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In the background chooser have you selected one that looks like a stacked deck of cards? There are two different kinds of pictures for the chooser, one is static images and one looks like a stack of pictures, almost the same. Check that you didn't pick one of those first. – Tom Brossman Jan 24 '12 at 15:04
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I forgot that I had installed Webilder, which pulls photos from Flickr and webshots.

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