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After last Friday(20/01/2012) update, when I turned on my laptop today I got a black screen on it. It is on, I can see the back light, but it's all black only my secondary display is ok.

Screen is Ok, when I reboot I can see Dell logo a Ubuntu colored screen before login but then... black. I need to attach secondary monitor to do anything.

I saw A lot of issues with Nvidia but mine is Intel Graphics.

I was already on 11.10 just did an update.

Any thoughts?

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I got a black screen on my laptop as well. I rebooted node and got into grub (hit shift key as Dell logo fades away).

Select revert to old kernels and pick kernel(3.0.0-14) and hit enter. Now it should work as good as it used to work before.

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Worked here, thanks! – Benner Jan 24 '12 at 18:30

The bug has been reported. You can follow the progress here:

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Same problem here. The only solution I found so far is to go back to the previous kernel version. Regarding to this thread 3.2 may also work, but it's not the case on my system (DELL Latitude 5410).

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