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Under Windows a simple Addon exists with wich I can sync my funambol events and contacts with Thunderbird and Lightning. I couldn't find such a tool for Ubuntu yet but it would be very helpful for me.

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AFAIK, there are only "inofficial" builds of the Funambol add-on for thunderbird. Take a look at's site, there are build for Windows, Linux 32/64 bit and even OS/X. The site is in german, but you can set the language to english using the controls at the very top of the page.

  • At the first page, look for the buttons to select your application (you may have to scroll until you get the thunderbird icon):

    select application to synchronize

  • Click on thunderbird icon to get the download links displayed:

    download links

  • Now, just download the add-on that matches your thunderbird and ubuntu version (32/64 bit). There's even a short documentation how to install the add-on (of course, you'll have to adapt the url to point to your funambol provider).

I'm using those add-ons with lucid, oneiric and with Win7 - works like a charm!

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