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I'd specifically like them to be able to use the Network Manager.

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Here's one way to do it by narrowing the scope of sudo users and commands.

Create a new sudoers file by any name:

sudo visudo -f /etc/sudoers.d/network-config

Add the contents of the file (with real usernames and any real additional commands of course)...

User_Alias NET_CFG_USERS = username1, username2, username3
Cmnd_Alias NET_CFG_CMNDS = /usr/bin/nm-connection-editor, command2, command3

Save & quit. Now the named users can open a terminal to change settings, using their own password:

sudo nm-connection-editor


Some notes: It is critical that you use visudo and no other method for this, or else sudo may break. Please consider reading that post first to make sure you avoid the problem. In short, sudo appears to have been programmed not to work at all if the permissions of a sudoers file is not 0440. The visudo command creates files with the right permissions. Whereas, were you to do this:

sudo -e /etc/sudoers.d/network-config

you could temporarily wind up without administrative access.

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