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On my new computer a 64 bits - I have a 64 bits Ubuntu 11.10 installed. Adding network printer with settings for a generic MG8100 printer:

Location: host-ip Device URI: lpd://host-ip/LPT5 model: Canon PIXMA MG8100 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.7 Simplified

When I tried to make a test print this happen:

  1. Ubuntu send a print to the printer
  2. The printer shows on the display that it is working
  3. Ubuntu acknowledge with pop-up messages that print job was completed
  4. The printer stop working on the display and nothing happens, no print is produced

There are no errors as far as I can see it.

Do anybody knows what to do, or what is wrong?

Remarks On an old computer I have the Ubuntu 11.10 32 bits installed and the same printer connected with "Device URI: cnijet:/88-87-17-08-64-56" and that works fine on this computer. I tried to used that instead of the lpd setting on the new computer but then I got a cups client error.

I hope some body can help me with this.

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Have you tried the 8100series printer driver from this PPA: – fossfreedom Jan 22 '12 at 16:43
I found a solution as mention under answer but any way thank you for your comment I was looking at your link too. – Yngve Jan 24 '12 at 18:52
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I now succeeded in connecting the printer with correct driver by downloading the driver from canon home page From there I selected the driver for PIXMA MG8150 and downloaded the file *MG8100series-printer_driver.tar*.

I extracted the folder cnijfilter-mg8100series-3.40-1-deb. In the folder I run the script and follow the instructions from there and now it works.

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