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I am a college student who is taking a sort of introductory class to Unix, Linux ( and to be honest i have been accustomed to it and like it better than widows now) and we have just covered the commands on Unix. We are now getting into shell script and we are required to write a script for a project. My main problem it is up to us to come up with an idea for it. Since I am new at this, I am not that yet familiar with it to feel comfortable to come up with ideas. If you have any ideas , challenging but not involving anything to do with networking or something like that because we have not touched it or going to, it would be very very helpful. I was thinking to develop a game ( any simple one) say tetris (for example) via shell scripting. Is this possible to do it if I even sit to study for Advanced bash scripting. guides ?


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Don't do something like tetris to start off with - there is no "easy" way to do something that complex.

Do some sort of ZORK type game - that should be complex enough to impress a teacher, yet simple enough that you can do it.

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Thanks. How to begin then. ? A little guidance is what i desire I need . –  hd_pulse Jan 22 '12 at 8:27

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