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I have a folder on my system (running Ubuntu 11.10) that I want to be synced to a directory on my personal server (running CentOS / Cpanel). This is how I am trying to achieve it...

  • Set up a web disk
  • use 'Grsync' tool to sync my local folder to my server (which is now just another directory - - web disk)

So, I guess you get my point. But I don't understand how to setup a web disk. These are the instructions:

Ubuntu setting up a web disk

I opened Nautilus, which is just the window manager. But I do not see the address bar. I also checked folder preferences, and it's not there. So, how do I proceed?

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You can open the address bar in Nautilus with ctrl-L.

You can also use the "Connect to Server" wizard from the file menu to connect to WebDAV shares.

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