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I have a .desktop file created by x2go that I would like to appear in the dash (and be able to drag to the launcher). I put it in ~/.local/share/applications (as per this answer) and applied chmod a+x (and rebooted), but when I open the dash and search for it (by typing "Tam"), it doesn't appear.

The contents are:

$ cat ~/.local/share/applications/Tam.desktop 
[Desktop Entry]
Exec[$e]=x2goclient --sessionid=20120119165217270
Name=Tam X2go Session

How do I get it to appear in the dash?

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Your desktop file is invalid. Please replace Exec[$e] with Exec and try again.

You can use desktop-file-validate to see, if your .desktop file is valid:

sudo apt-get install desktop-file-utils
desktop-file-validate ~/.local/share/applications/Tam.desktop
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