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I am trying to mount a logfs-formatted file system on Ubuntu Server 11.10. Here's what I've done:

# apt-get install logfs-tools
# mkfs.logfs /dev/sda5
Finished generating LogFS
# mount -t logfs /dev/sda5 /tmp/fs5
mount: unknown filesystem type 'logfs'

am I missing a modprobe or something?

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UBIFS is a successor to JFFS2, and competitor to LogFS. UBIFS does not work with what many people considers flash devices like flash-based hard drives, SD cards, USB sticks, etc.; because those devices use a block device emulation layer called FTL (Flash Translation Layer) that make they look like traditional block-based storage devices to the outside world. UBIFS instead is designed to work with flash devices that do not have a block device emulation layer and that are handled by the MTD subsystem and present themselves to userspace as MTD devices.

The same applies for JFFS2 -- UBIFS is more of a new/improved drop-in for JFFS2. So if you a trying to install UBIFS/JFFS2/LogFS at USB Flash drive it make no sense. In case flash devices that do not have a block device emulation layer like router or smartphone it does make sense.

But I guess you not going to install Ubuntu Server on top of your router/smartphone or something like that.

Hope it'll help.

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Looks like Ubuntu does not compile the LogFS

$ grep -i logfs /boot/config-3.*
/boot/config-3.0.0-15-generic:# CONFIG_LOGFS is not set
/boot/config-3.0.0-16-generic:# CONFIG_LOGFS is not set

However, you can clone the latest LogFS source using following command:

git clone git://

The userland tool can be cloned using

git clone git://
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