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Ubuntu has been running well on my dual boot system until today. Now I can't detect either external drive or my internal WinXP drives when before all I have to do is mount. Are there any commands or procedures to restore access?

I'm new to Linux. I love how quick and easy it is to navigate with. I'm using Ocelot on my i7 and Lubuntu on my older Centrino Duo laptop. Until today I never had a problem with Ubuntu 11.10.

Intel i7-870 2.93GHz 4GB RAM 1TB / 1.5TB HDDs GeForce 430 ASUS P7H55M mobo

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Caine, as far as folder sharing is concerned with Ubuntu and Windows, what I usually do to make the drive accessible in Linux is install ntfs-3g or ntfs-config.

More information on this wiki page

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