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I want to know this because I like the picture used and I'd like to use it elsewhere. Where is the LightDM login screen wallpaper located in Ubuntu 11.10?

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It's stored at:

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In addition to Wojciech Zylinski's answer, if you want to find the location of a custom wallpaper you've set, you can find it between the <filename></filename> tags in ~/.config/gnome-control-center/backgrounds/last-edited.xml of your home folder.

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You can also change the login graphic with ubuntu-tweak "Login Settings". There's a handy button that sets the background to whatever desktop wallpaper is in use. You can also change the login screen logo there as well. You can get a copy at

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Actually, he didn't want to change the wallpaper. He probably wanted the location of the wallpaper so that he can use it for other purposes... – jokerdino Jan 20 '12 at 9:19

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