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Don't hold it against me, but I have a fond memory of MS SQL Server Management Studio. I could very easily generate an ERD diagram from an existing database. Tables, relationships, the works. You could even use the diagram to edit the database structure.

I can't find such a tool in pgAdmin III. Am I missing something? It seems there isn't one built-in. Is there a plugin? Or a separate tool?

(I have found references to using Dia and other tools to model first and then generate the SQL to create the database. This is nice, but secondary to my primary goal which is to generate a diagram from an existing PostgreSQL database. And to truly replicate Management Studio functionality, the application would have to work in both directions.)

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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Powerful visual database designer

Two diagram notations (IDEF1x and IE)
Useful diagram navigation tool
Reverse engineering
Several pages in one diagram to divide diagram into different subject areas
Ability to create, edit and drop tables and table fields, set links between tables visually
Ability to add comments to diagram
Saving as image or printing database diagram
A lot of visual customization options

It is a windows program but works preety fine under wine

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I was hoping for something FLOSS and native, but thanks for taking the time to test it under Wine! – d3vid Jan 24 '12 at 13:41

Try schemaspy:

Lightweight, easy install, straight to the point and comprehensive.

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interesting, that also led me to – d3vid Jan 9 '15 at 12:14

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