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Since by default, GNOME organizes its "Applications" pane in alphabetical order, there is always a sprawling mess of applications, and I don't like how it automatically arranges them into categories ("Accessories", "Electronics", "Games", etc). Is there perhaps a shell extension so that I can manually organize my applications in folders or something? Windows-style?

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You can install alacarte, which shows up as an app called "Main Menu". You can create your own menus, drag apps (menu items) into them, then uncheck the normal menus / items, and only your custom menus will show up as the categories in the applications pane.

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Thanks for your answer, but this only adds or removes items from the list altogether. Isn't there a way to rearrange the items? – TreefrogInc Jan 19 '12 at 3:20

Open up main-menu from applications and you can move them up and down as you wish.

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