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My laptop came with Windows7 home basic operating system but I am interested for on Ubuntu.

I downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and tried to install it using dual boot. I faced a problem with installing it, I solved it using f6 key.

After the installation it rebooted. While booting, I see that my screen is froze. Any ways, I hit my power button and started again using recovery mode. Whenever I use normal mode, I face this problem.

After a week I have learned that my laptop has two AGP card, one is a 12 MB and other 512 MB. 12 MB is installed normally but 512 MB AGP requires a driver. I downloaded this driver to my hard disk in .run format. So, please tell me how to install it?

AGP card model is: NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G

Anyone please help me.

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In Ubuntu the Nvidia card drivers are installed via the system. In a terminal, type:

sudo jocket-gtk

enter your password and follow the instructions

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