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I've got a Windows Media Center pc at the moment, but I would like to change to Ubuntu ... if I can make it work. This related topic recommends that I use MythTV, and from that I have a new question:

Given that I have a working Windows machine that I want to keep as a fall-back, would installing Wubi with the Mythbuntu choice be the simplest way to get a fully working Ubuntu-based media center?

Note that this computer is not just for watching DVD's -- I want to watch live TV and schedule recordings from live TV. I receive ~40 analog channels and 4 digital (DVB-T) channels through the same antenna cable on a single tv card. This works fine in Windows and I hope that Ubuntu / MythTV can handle that too.

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You can try it with Wubi, or, alternatively, to resize the Windows partition, create a Linux partition in the free space and install Mythbuntu there. The latter approach is probably more future-proof in case you decide to get rid of Windows... also, you're going to need a lot of disk space for recordings, so a separate hard drive will be the ultimate solution.

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I've got a separate 1TB drive for the media files and I expect that I can point MythTV there to pick up the recordings, movies, etc. If this Mythbuntu approach proves successful (wife acceptance factor) then I would do a clean install - but for now, Wubi is a very slick way to do a test run. – Torben Gundtofte-Bruun Jan 18 '12 at 11:43

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