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I am trying to publish an app with Quickly:

$ quickly share
Get Launchpad Settings
Launchpad connection is ok
ppa:umpirsky:ppa does not exist. Please create it on launchpad if you want to push a package to it. umpirsky has the following ppas available:
revision-monitor - Revision Monitor
You can temporary choose one of them with --ppa switch or definitely by executing 'quickly configure ppa <ppa_name>'.
ERROR: share command failed

but it uses a wrong PPA name: it takes umpirsky, and I want revision-monitor.

How can I change this?

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quickly reads the PPA name from the.quickly file in the root project directory. It looks like:

project = foo
version = 11.10
template = ubuntu-application
ppa = experimental

Though by default, the PPA is not set and quickly will assume that you want to use ppa:launchpad_username/ppa as that is also the default when registering your first PPA on Launchpad.

As the error message suggests, use quickly configure ppa <ppa_name> to change the default. In your case, I think you want:

quickly configure ppa umpirsky/revision-monitor

Or you can manually add the line ppa = revision-monitor to .quickly

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