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Does anybody know where can I find themes for gnome 3 fallback mode?

I mean this session of gnome 3 :

enter image description here

Can anybody help me with this one,because I can't find any solutions.Pleaseeeeee!

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Try GTK 3.x themes from – Denis Jan 21 '12 at 23:49
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One source is

Not all GTK+3 themes are fallback compatible. Generally, use the search option and restrict the search criteria for

  • Type = GTK 3.x Theme/Style
  • Description = fallback

Then look in detail at each of the search results for what issues are reported for using the theme with gnome-fallback.

to install a theme

  • make a themes folder: mkdir ~/.themes
  • extract the zip file.
  • move the extracted theme folder to the ./themes folder - for example mv Zukini ~/.themes/
  • Use gnome-tweak-tool and change the theme

enter image description here

Most themes recommend you change the background properties for each panel to use the panel.png that comes with a theme. As you can see in the image - I'm using the Zukini theme.

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