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I was downloading an IRC Client called irssi via the Synaptic Packet Manager but it listed wine and wine1.2 in the Unchanged list (of dependencies). I do have wine installed.

This suggests to me that irssi is dependent on wine. What is a Windows-related app doing in an Linux repository?

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IRSSI has no listed dependencies to wine, as the packages site confirms. That message indicates that there may be an upgrade awaiting, or if a package has been pinned it's state will not change (since there is no dependency). If you installed wine manually, or have made any modifications to the way it operates within Aptitude you will get that message. Unchanged ultimately indicates that during this process those packages, including wine, will not change.

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mhhh I don't quite get it (its 2:15 AM here; maybe that's why)... I half understand what you've said... Do you mean that Synaptic is reporting on something totally unrelated to the particular action I chose; ie. the action of installing irsssi. .. If so, it makes sense, but I find it odd that I a being presented with unrequest and unrelated info.... (I'd better come back to this after a night's sleep... – Peter.O Oct 26 '10 at 15:19
I've looked a bit more into it, and this Unchanged list reports on the "upgradable state of the system", and not only about "my explicit install actions" (as I thought it meant)... and I now know what the "Mark All Upgrades" button means; its shows a 3rd list; labeled To be Upgraded (which shows exactly what appears in the Unchanged list) – Peter.O Oct 26 '10 at 21:13

Maybe it's just because there are some Wine updates available, but you have not checked them for an update. Try to run Update Manager, maybe you'll find these updates ready to install.

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Maybe my suggestion is the same of Marco? – skalka Oct 26 '10 at 17:10
It is the same, and it is different because another voice helped drive the message home (so I googled a bit more) ..... From a question about Linux Mint: ... a lot of entries (like linux-generic) are in the unchanged category. at another place the name of this list is: installed (updatable). ... This "installed (updatable)" label makes more sense to me than "unchanged". I suppose it just comes down to knowing that Synaptic is also informing me of currently available updates ... Thanks – Peter.O Oct 26 '10 at 21:22

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