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are there any paid subscriptions available for Ubuntu One?

What additional features does it have?

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Ubuntu One is an online file hosting service. It offers 2GB of space free with an option to upgrade to 50GB of storage for $10 a month.

With the Free Version you can:

  • Sync up to 2 GB of files, contacts, notes, bookmarks, purchased music, and Gwibber broadcast messages

  • Automatically sync your digital life to your personal cloud and with all of your computers Mobile Contacts Sync

  • Mark any directory in your home folder for sync

  • Share folders with trusted contacts or publish files to the Internet with convenient short URLs

  • Sync purchased songs from the Ubuntu One Music Store

  • Integrated with your Ubuntu computer

  • Convenient web browser access to your personal cloud

With the Paid Version you get:

  • 50 GB total of storage to sync more of your digital life

  • Keep your address book updated when you're on the move with Mobile Contacts Sync

  • Mobile sync supports thousands of phones including smartphones like iPhone and Android

  • Synchronize your contacts with more applications (like Thunderbird) and operating systems (Windows and OS X)

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