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For what I promise are un-nefarious reasons, I'd like to programmatically fetch the Ubuntu One account details for the current user of an application (eg name, email, free space). Is there way to achieve this?

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Yes. Ubuntu One provides an OAuth-secured Web API for account details; the OAth credentials of the local user are accessible via the secrets keyring service. Of course, you can't read these credentials willy-nilly, as the user needs to password-unlock them.

Fortunately, you do not need to navigate the maze of technologies on your own (as I did), but can instead can use a handy tool Ubuntu One provides:


If the current user doesn't have a U1 account, this will raise a CredentialsNotFound error. Otherwise it will return a server response in the form of a JSON string. Check the 'status' value to make sure the authentication went through ('200' indicates success). On success, the JSON will have the values:

username, openid, last_name, features, couchdb_root, nickname, id, subscription, first_name, couchdb, total_storage, current_plan, email, detailed_plans

Wield your API powers responsibly.

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