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I made a remasterys dist-mode iso of Xubuntu, modded by myself ( I just installed compiz and little more )

I then made a CD from this iso and a bootable usb, by unetbooin,both of them show the same behaviour: when I choose installer directly, they start a Xubuntu LiveCD session (perfectly working) but I didn't see a way to launch an installation.

How can I do that? Is there's a command line to launch install wizard, or something like that?

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Try Relinux, it's a fork of Remastersys and is a little more actively developed. I had problems booting a remastersys distro, but no problems with relinux. Make sure to read the INSTALL file and also the readme in usr/share/docs for info on how to use it. – duffydack Jan 16 '12 at 15:26

the command to launch the installer is ubiquity, if the package is missing in your cd you can try installing it from synaptic

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