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I often need to connect to my workstation in my home institution. I connect through a cisco vpn tunnel and then I use a ssh tunnel. In order to start a vpn connection I use the plug in on my gnome bar, that was installed when I installed the cisco vpn client by apt-get. This usually works.

Now I am connecting from a new institution and the plug-in doesn't work, but I am still able to connect starting the daemon from terminal, and everything is OK. Instead, when I try to start from GUI it says 'welcome to your home institution network', as it says when my connection is successful, but then I cannot ssh tunnel to the workstations in my institution neither I can surf the web. When I go back to the hotel, the vpn plug-in works again!

I think this is a bug (is it?). Does anybody know what I could do to spot what is going on? I am using Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS

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