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I got a cheap netbook and put ubuntu on it without even booting into the windows it came with. I am now slightly regretting it since the trackpad is very annoying, it only registers when I press quite hard on it, and even then the motion is so slow that I must drag me poor finger 3 times to get the pointer to move up or down that tiny screen.

OK. enough rant. now business: I went into the setting and increase sensitivity and acceleration to high. No difference. the behaviour did not change at all. So now my questions are:

  1. Is this a hardware problem?
  2. Is there a program I can run to see what input the trackpad is receiving? so I know if it can, in theory, read the light touch and not only the heavy, sandpaper-your-fingertips-off touch?
  3. is there some manual setting that the system might not be setting correctly and which I could change from the terminal?
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This is most likely a hardware problem or the lack of a driver to interface it

If it works fine in windows, its the lack of drivers.If it doesen't work on windows either, its a hardware problem

It will be very hard to get a driver, if you cant find the Serial Number of the Trackpad

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