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A few months ago, I needed to mute the left channel, and the easiest way to do it was to use the gnome-volume-control tool. It has stayed muted since.

Since then I've upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10, and the gnome-volume-control tool is nowhere to be found.

I've tried:

  • the default mixer panel
  • alsamixer
  • pavucontrol

None of these work. What can I do?

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Sound settings in 11.10

The Volume Control applet should still be there. In Unity it will be found in the top right panel menu Sound Settings. You can also start the application from the command line by running

gnome-control-center sound

Adjust balance

There you will find a slider to adjust sound balance:

enter image description here

Command line

You can also see the channel sound volume settings from the following command

pacmd list-sinks

This will give you (amongst many additional settings) for each sink:

volume: 0:  49% 1:  49%
        0: -18,39 dB 1: -18,39 dB
        balance 0,00
base volume: 100%
             0,00 dB

Changing balance from the command line can not be done with pacmd. We need to do this with ALSA mixer:

amixer sset Master 100%,100%
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The amixer command did it! – Gilead Jan 15 '12 at 22:29

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