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I took a look at CentOS recently and was amazed, but I also remembered dabbling in Fedora when release 16 came out and recall being horrified by the awfulness of rpm. I cannot stand anything other than ubuntu's package management system. Seeing rpm again in such a good setup as CentOS though, got me thinking again.

Can you change the package management system? Or is it in the core and require rebuilding the entire OS?

Please don't answer with "You can uninstall synaptic and use USC", I have no in depth knowledge of package management but I'm not on about using a different GUI or something. Is it possible to do the above and make rpm's native on ubuntu or deb's on fedora (and I don't need to know about Alien either, which converts deb's to rpm's and vice versa).

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are you willing to change the package repository, too? (good question though if then it would be still ubuntu or not) – n611x007 May 28 '13 at 14:35

The reason you can not use yum on Debian/Ubuntu is because of incompatibility of the packages.

Lets assume for a minute you removed apt and installed yum from source code. Where then would you get a package to install ? You could no longer use the Ubuntu repositories as all the packages are .deb.

Look at the packaging guides

The structure is completely different and there is no reliable tool to convert a .deb to a .rpm

So if you are going to then use the Fedora repos, why not just install Fedora ?

And if you are going to go with source code, better off with Arch, gentoo, or Linux from scratch.

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Hey thanks! I was just wondering as I'm very interested in one day doing a 'linux from scratch' and building my own distro. I like deb's best but enjoy distro's that use otherwise, and with ubuntu going down the pan for me I'm looking at my options. Thanks again for clarifying that :) – user3140 Feb 26 '12 at 22:07

"Is it possible?" is a huge question, and I am sure there are probably a few genius hackers out there who could do it. But, in general, I think the answer to your question is No.

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I understand. Firstly I just wanted to know if there was some kind of deeper incompatibility that would completely prevent this. Thank you :) – user3140 Jan 15 '12 at 3:50

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