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Using the program Baobab, I spotted that I had a file that was gigantic: ~/.cache/checkbox/checkbox.log, 8 GB large. In the same folder, I have also a 360 MB large file called subunit.log.

What is it? Why is it so large? Can I remove it or reduce its size?

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Checkbox is a program to run automatic hardware tests and report problems. It is called "System Test" in the unity dash / applications menu. You must have run it at some point. This file contains the log of the process, which appears to include a lot of details in your case. This file, and anything inside ~/.cache for that matter, can be safely deleted.

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OK I am just going to delete the .checkbox folder entirely then. – Agmenor Jan 16 '12 at 6:04

You can safely delete it, for it will be recreated automatically, starting pilling up data from start. There is already a bug report about it on launchpad about its default size limit.

You may also change the log level to error only, which will reduce the frequency of writes.

checkbox-gtk -W /usr/share/checkbox/data/whitelists/default.whitelist --log-level=error
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I cannot find the bug report. Could you please link to it in your answer? – Agmenor Jan 14 '12 at 21:49

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