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When I create a presentation in LibreOffice and click the button for slide show, nothing happens, the screen gets sort of freezed, its frustating.

Besides, image viewer also works no more.

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Actually problem was a bit complex. I had installed certain packages using freshubuntu (something similar)repository. Later on i purged that repository. Because of this my certain packages got somewhat locked, i.e. couldn't update which created such issues. Solution: open synaptic look for obsolete packages. find the packages for those packages from launchpad replace them.

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What is happening, is that Libreoffice has opened another, fullscreen window for the presentation. To get out of it, hit escape. As for getting the slides to display properly, I have no idea. I was trying to do a presentation tonight and this tripped me up. I can't comment or upvote yet, so please Someone help us out.

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